We conduct inspections, surveys and examination of maritime vessels to assess, monitor and report on their condition and cargo as well as inspect any damages caused by the vessel, load/unloading port.

We provide bulk cargo surveys, iron ore, coal, fertiliser and draft surveys on loading and discharging of cargo to ensure cargo is loaded according to regulations and in accordance with loadable limits. We assess the vessel’s safety by ascertaining the momentum caused due to cargo shifting which can render the vessel unsafe during the passage.

We work to ensure that the heavy lift cargo is loaded on road transport to ensure safe passage from port to site.

When loss or damage incidents occur we utilise our technical capability to establish the cause of the loss or damage, assess the degree of damage and provide a comprehensive picture of the situation in a survey report that enables the insurer to properly consider the insured peril.

We will estimate the cost of the goods and provide details to the claimant which can be used as a reference for filing a claim.

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