Our Shipbrokers are specialist intermediaries between the ship owner and the charterer or between the buyers and sellers of cargo and transportation.

We are competitive with reliable contacts that enable us to transport commodities such as grain, coal, cement, clinkers, iron ore and steel. The cargo and vessels range in sizes from handy to panamax bulk carriers. We trade worldwide.

We provide specialised support with respect to the voyage, time charter management, dispute resolution and knowledge of shipboard practical management and trade activities.

We have conducted the following:  voyage charters, contract of affreightment, trip time charter and a time charter.

Our brokers are formally qualified and have vast experience and established in the worldwide shipping industry. If our client is interested in a sale, purchase or movement of freight then we are well positioned to quickly and efficiently serve their need.

We maintain the highest standards of legal, ethical and environmental practices and adhere to the regulatory body The Institute of Chartered Ship Brokers.

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